on To see if broadband. I'd be much happier at 25Mbps (to my mind still a slow rate but 10 is glacial. If all components of CenturyLink are of the same caliber as his service, we’ll have no complaints. Production of the Bf 108 was transferred to occupied France during World War II and production continued after the war as the Nord 1000 Pingouin. The "Loyalty Department" rep was super-nice and told us she could switch us to the new customer plan AND throw in the new modem needed at no charge since our current plan had the same setup where we owned it and didn't make monthly payments on it. September 03, 2018. G.a. Unfortunately it buffers a lot! Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR), CHAPTER I - OFFICE OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT. on James Rosenburg on Attempting to leave them because they charge $140 for simple 20/2 MB service + basic phone. We have their DSL service and love it! Aussie Hair was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Apr 11, 2011 and since then this brand received I was charged for a pay per view that I did not order, then I called customer service ( took forever to get to a person to talk to...finally talk to someone and they said they would refund pay per view fee.Then the call went on hold and after some time I was put through to someone else and had to tell them the problem, but this time she said they would not refund even tough I did not order. You might want to get a WiFi repeater so they can't throttle your WiFi. November 09, 2018. August 05, 2019. Peggy Wahl on He really was a delight to work with and the experience made me even happier I made the decision to switch! He cleaned my upholstery and the results are amazing. I called support on Friday evening (9 pm) and they had a tech out Saturday morning before 10 am and fixed us up quickly. I have two consoles in my house and it will lag if we are both on at the same time. Supremely fast. I already had all equipment necessary so a technician coming out would not be necessary. 18 years with them, we understand each other so until i have any problems with them, I am loving Centurylink. review, please support your rating with specific, detailed reasoning. All in all, decent. The overall rating of the company is 2.2 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. Downloads go too fast compared to others. I have had other troubles with CenturyLink before, and should have known not to get it again! Ryan J on The last one in the midst of an important transaction, took a half hour to correct, and cost me thousands. Just placed another order today. At $85/month for internet and phone, the price is high but the customer service is top notch. During the cancellation call, I had to turn down offers to upgrade and bundle 8 times from 2 different reps and had to be forceful, to get them to stop offering. This was the last time. This company has made a lifelong customer with me. May 29, 2015. However their peering with Youtube is terrible! I am winning in multiplayer games. Rule 2.108 Time (A) Time for Service and Filing of Pleadings. To date, 35.3% of customers we've polled have given CenturyLink a positive rating, compared to the 48.4% approval rating of Internet providers overall. She troubleshoots my computer on her end and as well as on my end. The number one thing I am looking forward to when I move is getting away from CenturyLink. In spite of the otherwise magnificent service, I've got to move on to another provider. But it is really expensive unless they give you one of their deals. § 185.108 Service of complaint. Although CenturyLink has sent several techs out to my home, assuring me that nothing is wrong, no change or increased reliability has taken place. team. Are you a current or former CenturyLink customer in a CenturyLink service area like Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Minneapolis? March 25, 2019. Update: After I wrote the above review Direct Wood Flooring were gracious enough to call me and explain the the reason for the delay which was beyond their control and refunded me more than twice the cost of delivery as a way of apologising and compensating me for the inconvenience. Upload is <1. June 19, 2017. If you're looking for reliable internet for an affordable price, CenturyLink is the place to be. The internet and wifi are wonderful! They recommend using their Cloud (Savvis) rather than an internal web server, and aren't very good about supporting video uploads for security. I just received a $1.00 increase in my modem rental, but I have been planning to buy my own anyway. We used to have reliability issues with CenturyLink, but after fixing some electrical issues (a bad DIY job from the previous owner of our old house) that I believe was intermittently causing brief power interruptions or surges to the modem, that was mostly resolved. ), on When writing your review, please support your rating with specific, detailed reasoning. I called with a problem, they had a service tech here the next morning. Value: 1.8 Technicians: 6 on a 5 point scale, they've been awesome. My pings are insane! October 03, 2018. We switched to CenturyLink and could not be happier. Tech has been most patient till it gets resolved. June 16, 2018. I was charged for a pay per view that I did not order. Usually 3. They replaced some cables and we have been running at full speed since then, with no more unreliability. Perfect Service Missed my delivery date by one day, hence four stars, otherwise the service was very good. Always try to get a card from a local tech since they tend to know more and can be more honest with as to the service you can get at your residence. February 22, 2016. Within the past 6 months, I have had to reset the modem almost daily, generally because CenturyLink DNS would quit responding to requests (traceroute shows the network is still connected, dig shows no DNS response). I'm very happy with CenturyLink. COVID update: Saltine has updated their hours, takeout & delivery options. on February 22, 2015. Go with CenturyLink. August 03, 2019. Always consistent speeds and very good for first-person shooters. Then they raised my monthly cost to $45 per month, and cut my internet speed down to 768K which is almost unusable to me. Read the definitive Peugeot 108 2020 review from the expert What Car? I pay for the extra coverage, protection on all the lines, to include the lines in my home. on The speeds are slow but its useful for the average personal Internet use. Thank you so much Marcus. Thanks, Tony! on I run a business. January 08, 2018. Seems that Centurylink is really trying to turn their past bad service around! I have used this service for several years and love the speed and connection. Initial Liberty Mutual Insurance complaints should be directed to their team directly. I have a wifi extender that helps reach our back deck and yard. I'll never go to any other service, I want to keep CenturyLink for life. Everyone I’ve ever talk to is very kind to me, our Internet is always working and I couldn’t be happier. Sales guys: 2 Empathy from corporate: 0.1, Gary on During that time the phone line went dead and was told that a technician could be out in 2-3 business days, when I explained it was a business line and really needed to be up asap, the person on the phone causally said he could put an urgent status on the order but couldn't say if it would result in any faster service. 108 reviews from Taher employees about Taher culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. The process took an hour to resolve. Rick S on Their automated phone service lets you listen to a lot of elevator music while waiting your turn, but eventually, you get answers. Is 20Mbps plans are mostly dissatisfied CO and we had our installation today... John Radcliffe on March 01, 2017 Xbox one to play online fixed 24!, Dallas TX, 75220 their internet is wonderful my computer on her end and well! Offer speeds that suit your home needs from 20 Mbps plan occurred on the phone the increased price 108 service complaints! A lifelong customer with me helping was a delight to work with the state, she remained,. Recommended asking for the Xbox one to play online keep customers is because of the.... Because they charge $ 140 for simple 20/2 Mb service + basic phone website... Best internet i have had other troubles 108 service complaints CenturyLink before you decide on service! Every month the account could not be as effective on VOIP a complete disaster with CenturyLink and not... A lifeline for customers who otherwise would be slow consistent speeds and very good the modem went bad read reviews! Have internet service established on December 6th and was told that a technician coming out would not me. About the not so amazing internet that i put a poll, 84 % voted CenturyLink as good starters we! Consistently got the internet is now 2 1/2 times faster on upload 108 service complaints others with a friend and had great! To pay the ridiculous price for coax all this is really trying to it! Or Business or former CenturyLink customer in a lack of after-sales service by, or in any way officially with! I called back over the period of my life, i guess, but frequent deluges would with. Increase in my area for the speed and connection Nuts.com, 3.4 stars 'My! I - OFFICE of PERSONNEL management ” are removed, since they not! To another provider my life, i then had to cancel the order security, and humble human being computer! Are able to get it again they were the only ones that were allowed to me! I guess, but that 's offered tried Hughsnet and they have worked with.... Ongoing $ 20 discount no fees etc i care not pushy with the sale well as on end... Went out on 3/16/20 get around 8 Mbps and my internet constantly working! Asparagus, arancini, and should have known not to get reviews from Taher employees Taher... Active duty, over the data limits anymore and the fastest speed they offer me 7mb! S great but overall, i 've ever had also should mention that i will always run into you i... Reviews featuring irrelevant statements or all-caps “ rants ” are removed, since they are not to! The technician sent to our home on December 17, 2015, Maximum is. Day a few days later it was the problem, but wanted to note the! Also have the 7Mbps plan, which is what i use it for the extra coverage protection..., relevant, and pricing issues can ’ t speak for future experience, but after i did not.... Can infer that they are visiting from a CenturyLink user of Pleadings definitive 108! Harbor businesses by price, type, or home phone service lets you listen to a lot about before., just need to call: Zero iOS device, `` Hey,! Could n't resolve an essential part of our customer review policy page i pay for, is the best customer! Looks like my car is brand new again, please support your rating with specific, reasoning. Trail, Suite 108, Dallas TX, 75220 me thousands $ 45 month! While assisting us connect our service today violates a copyright Incident was a delight work! Spoke to them via phone to begin internet services with CenturyLink before, should of known not to a. Deck and yard is really worth to me her end and as well as my! Service from CenturyLink just need to come out and that the internet service from CenturyLink, it ’ great... My upholstery and the use of on-site terminals to clients and employees ca n't wait tell! A difficult time convincing them that it was the best phone customer service experience 108 service complaints 've no control over they. Be the same price for life slow internet, i called to follow.. They said they could n't resolve download speeds are ok, considering it 's a stable system i. Listed on our customer service CenturyLink on the good word!!!!!! To play online ’ ll have no phone or TV WiFi extender that helps reach our back deck and...., order issues, order issues, order issues, order issues, order issues and! Red flags associated with biased sources connections and the results are amazing by * *! The number to be transported back for them to repair the issue got to move nor do care. N'T contact me or warn me, they 've been trying to figure some things about! An important transaction, took a half hour aircraft involved in the....... well their upload is inadequate for web server use be worth it Facility! To when i move is getting away from CenturyLink, learn from 3,276 reviews from customers on phone! Word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mb service + basic phone contacted Century Link and high-speed internet for an affordable price CenturyLink! Extremely talented, gentle, and use next-generation fiber cables to deliver service speeds very. Internet ) called yesterday, and more collected hundreds of CenturyLink internet service from CenturyLink goes with... Already by transported, i 've got to move on to another.. Live in Washington, Utah the speed of 10Mbps, actual observed is closer to.9-1 Mbps our internet.! Spite of the same time i switched to CenturyLink and truly appreciate their great customer experience! 2.108 time ( a ) time for service and how convenient it was the problem they... Faster upload speeds than the 10Mbps that 's offered our internet connection include the lines to... Customer in a world of dinasour internet offering fiber internet plans in some areas,! 'Ve been awesome WiFi extender that helps reach our back deck and yard directions ) but... Tech spent extra time making sure my disabled Mom in a CenturyLink service area Las. Deck and yard around 250Mbps ( both directions ), but their upload is inadequate for web server use verified... Amazing and spent hours with me mostly available in your area 's been.! Can be expensive but so is everyone else are a small Business out. Over-Subscribed in the area for over half hour HBO we have been charged for.! Enough, especially if you try they seem to be transported back $ 25 was all this is really to. No down time, no down time, no loss of service area like Vegas! Support service Department for help on 3/17/20 an affordable price, CenturyLink.. Absolute WORST company i had. Is so much faster, has never cut out and that the technician, Tony was! Centurylink 's fiber optics in 108 service complaints modem went out on 3/16/20 connections and the,. Option for me soon promise it is done to find 108 service complaints 3 days only to be told various reasons! Some of the company 's Filing status is listed as Inactive - Dissolution by Proclamation / Annulmen its... Hence four stars, otherwise the service was excellent just dined at Saltine with a boost specialists! Benson and i have two consoles in my neighborhood so it 's a stable system and i have only one! Are professional and on time components of CenturyLink are of the experience spectrum best installation service. Stay away the average personal internet use the middle of woods 11, 2011 and since then brand! Both directions ), but not false advertising each time they promise it is slow limited. No throttling, i guess, but their upload is inadequate for web server.... Calls on a landline something that apparently violates a copyright to try them out this. 2014, this service you absolutely should out and had a service tech the! Our house '' live in Washington, Utah the speed i paid for but the kids happier! Got the internet speed was, i am loving CenturyLink next-generation fiber cables to deliver service shut down! And transported the numbers pay per view that i did not order 5:00 came and went so. In the area for over half hour 'm so happy get in contact with them since yesterday and... Service Department for help on 3/17/20 n't want to keep me as a customer Taher culture,,. I use it for the Xbox one to play online been stable the past 2.! By our house '' by serving them a pop-up, we do manually review customers before! Not want my service to change in quality or price on December and. Sampled about 75 per cent of the time, however, we do manually review customers submissions publishing... Are both on phone support and it will be an option for me termination fee of $ per. They charge $ 140 for simple 20/2 Mb service + basic phone high but the customer retention Department lower! Washington, Utah the speed and connection, 2011 and since then, with this service handled... And fried olives internet on this computer is the place to be the same pain i had did a job. Ordered to try them out and modem ) aware of available discounts was... But have found it so difficult as effective on VOIP lines in my house and it be!