This letter is to acknowledge that we have received the amount of Rupees One Lac and fifty thousand only, Rs. I c h bestät ige hiermit, di e v orst eh enden An weisu nge n erhalten u nd verst a nden zu haben un d ver pf lichte mi ch, diese ein zu halten. Of course, "I have received further information" is NOT a clause at all in this sentence. Means: “kindly, acknowledge receipt of this email” or “Please confirm receipt”. We lack the fundamentals. When you have received donation from any source then it is extremely important that you write an acknowledgment letter. October 30, 2011] was not paid, and that you are agreeable to deferring payment of this amount to [DATE PAYMENT DEFFERRED TO, ex. e.g. If it’s necessary, the employer might also want the applicant to bring the contact details of references. Sentence examples similar to we have received this amount from inspiring English sources. I/We have applied for a mortgage loan from Embrace Home Loans and having received a Loan Estimate, dated 10/10/2016. [SELLER] hereby acknowledges receipt of the Reference (a) purchase order (or “PO”). Items purchased: 32” television Five piece carpet Dishwasher Dining table Mattress And we also write to inform you that we received the payments of the goods which is a total of Kshs 250,000 in the form of a cheque on the 5th of June. 1,50,000/- against the delivery of Plastic Boxes. We have lift-off. As we agreed on the phone this afternoon, I am sending you…, ©2013 Baxter Publishing, Hilversum, The Netherlands. We are writing to inform you that we have received your payment that was due last month. So unless you’re a lawyer, it’s better to find some other, more friendly formulation! 1,50,000/- against the delivery of Plastic Boxes. Sample Interview Confirmation Letter. 10 EURO). For example, the following are all good opening sentences that avoid using hereby or herewith: I write to confirm that I have received… We apologize for any inconveniences caused. January 3, 2012]. Dear Ms. Amna, Thank you very much for sending the post dated Cheque No. We have got a problem. This is a letter to confirm that you received the order for the following good that you purchased. I, the undersigned, declare that I have received a copy of the Code of Ethics (the "Code"), that I have read it and that I hereby undertake to abide by it. © Copyright 2016. similar ( 58 ) When you 've received this amount, you may need to re-apply and/or undergo an eligibility interview to continue receiving benefits. Means: “kindly, acknowledge receipt of this email” or “Please confirm receipt”. Sample Acknowledgement Letter for Donation. We hear We hereby acknowledge We hereby declare that We hereby inform you We just got them in. The agent said the check would arrive 2 days after he receives the release. If you have an HMO or PPO insurance requiring a referral, you must have a completed form or an authorization number with you at the time of your appointment. Sincerely, Agha Khan. We hereby confirm that the principal sum of $[AMOUNT] which was due on [DUE DATE OF PAYMENT, ex. @american22 If they want you to reply to let them know you've received the email.. then ideally you should reply and say "I have received the receipt".. you can also do this by sayin "I confirm I have received the receipt." I received the item is used when emphasizing the time you received it, it is past simple (not past perfect). Programs in place, employer hereby adopts and ratifies the foregoing referenced policies of Auburn Water System, Inc. as its own for any and all services rendered to or for the benefit of Auburn Water System, Inc. or its employees I have received the item emphasizes that you have something new, it has arrived and you share it with whoever you want, it is present perfect. Synonym Discussion of confirm. It is part of it. I hereby acknowledge that I have received and read the 7 November 2011 State @american22 This statement appears to mean that I have received the check or am I missing something in the wording? Dutch users of English often include hereby or herewith in the opening sentence of their business letters or emails. Thank you for remitting this payment to us. We have no objections. We liked you. As a company, it’s our commitment to making sure that our customers receive the best products. e.g. As the audit was concluded without any reservations, the auditor issued the following unqualified report: "Having conducted a proper audit and appraisal, we hereby confirm that the facts set out in the report are correct and the payments made by the company in connection with the legal transactions referred to in the report were not unduly high.